Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

We value each of our customers and make our plans adhering to the patient’s rights. We assure you that the following rights are reserved, and their integrity is maintained. 

  1. We assure clarity when patients choose our services. All rights and responsibilities of patients are communicated through written means in both Arabic and English. For further clarification, translators are there to assist the patients with the information.
  2. Every patient gets equal respect and care regardless of their status and personal beliefs.
  3. Every customer/patient will be free from sexual, mental, physical, and verbal abuse in addition to misappropriation of property. 
  4. Every customer has the right to have a caregiver of the same sex for home care and onsite services. 
  5. We are open to suggestions, complaints, and comments. Reach us through WhatsApp at +971 54 50 60 704 or call at 800 50 60.
  6. Services are provided by trained and licensed professionals by teams with capable hands in multiple disciplines.
  7. City Doctor’s approach to providing services is evidence-based and in accordance with standard practices. 
  8. Privacy is strictly maintained at City Doctor. Every detail of the patient remains confidential.
  9. You can access your medical records kept confidentially with us by paying the associated charges according to the DHA rules. 
  10. Medical records of the patients are only accessed when patients approve of them.
  11. Please provide us with your written consent in case of hospitalisation or before going through any surgery. 
  12. The profile and identity of the healthcare professionals assisting the patients can be accessed by them.
  13. Patients have the right to deny any proposed treatment. In such situations, our clinicians will guide you through the cons of not undergoing the plan. In final denial calls, patients need to sign refusal forms to discontinue the treatment. 
  14. Every detail of the treatment plan is elaborately communicated to the patients and their families after complete examination. 
  15. During emergencies, you have the right to receive Basic Life Support from us until you get emergency services. 
  16. Customers will be informed about the associated expenses with City Doctor through an itemised bill if requested.

Patient Responsibilities

While we maintain our integrity, our customers have the following responsibilities.
  1. Respect our regulations and policies.
  2. Treat our staff equally and respectfully while availing of our services. 
  3. Kindly explain the reason for the discharge/transfer of our services.
  4. Provide complete and truthful information about your medical history to get the best care from us. 
  5. Avoid misbehaving with our staff by making them perform domestic chores or any other duties not included in their job description.  
  6. Take responsibility for the consequences of not attending to the agreed services and plans.
  7. Complete your financial obligations towards City Doctor promptly while or after getting the treatment facilities.
  8. Please notify us when you plan to move to a location other than the address registered with us during contract approval. This helps in avoiding complications when emergency visits are required.
  9. Your home nursing insurance covers the facility only when you are at home. Home care services will be terminated in events requiring hospitalisation. However, you can continue the service by making the required payment on a private pay basis. 
  10. Customers should sign the consent form for getting home care services. If you do not have the legal authority, your first-degree relatives should complete the requisition.