Refund Policy

At City Doctor, you can opt for various payment methods through different online payment modes. However, a request for a payment refund is generally not accepted as our care provisions are services in nature. Most of our offerings are impromptu services that are addressed as quick responses to customers. However, certain refund policies are applicable only in rare cases that vary from situation to situation. These refunds are carried out only in individual cases based on facts. 

The following refund policies are followed by City Doctor. 

  • Customers cannot request a refund for the same order if requested once before.
  • For claiming your refund, you should put forward valid payment details along with ID proof documents. If your request is justified, we can start the refund process only after scrutinizing the above-mentioned documents. 
  • No interest amount is applicable on any refund regardless of the duration between the customer payment and refund generation.
  • Customers who request a refund multiple times without valid reasons will be blocked from accessing details on our website. Besides, their registration may be cancelled.