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After Surgery Care/ Post-Operative Care At Home in Dubai

Post-operative recovery becomes more effortless and smoother when you opt for the best after surgery care at home in Dubai. With the assistance of skilled & licensed nurses, patients can receive maximum medical care. The chances of a patient’s health deteriorating or any other complications reduce in the constant presence of a nurse.

City Doctor’s post-operative care at home services ensures proper care and smooth recovery of patients. We have an experienced team of nurses and other licensed and DHA-certified medical professionals. Our team is well-trained to treat patients with ample care and compassion, and you can rely on us for all your post-surgery needs.

We are available 24×7, all days a week, anywhere in Dubai. Dial 800 50 60, share your requirements, and our team will make sure to send the most suitable nurse to your home asap.

What does Our Post-Operative Care Service Include?

As a leading after surgery care at home service provider in Dubai, City Doctor team of doctors and nurses are prepared to guide you through your recovery process. Whether you require a short recovery time or a more extended period, our experienced nurses will be present at all times for your needs.

Check out our post-operative care at home services list and get in touch whenever you need. Our services include the following:

  • Mobilization assistance 
  • Medication reminders
  • Wound dressing
  • Keeping track of check-ups and follow-ups
  • Accompanying doctor visits 
  • Bathing/ Dressing after the surgery
  • Monitoring the recovery rate in case of any complications 
  • Providing Physiotherapy to promote wound healing and avoid complications

What is Post Operative Care Service?

Returning to the comfort of the home of the dear ones after surgery is a great feeling. However, smooth post-operative care and recovery are as essential as a successful surgery. Be it a minor or major surgery, a patient’s family members often cannot provide the much-needed care after surgery. In such circumstances, post-operative care at home services is the right solution. This is also a perfect service for those living alone. 

From medical assistance to day-to-day activities, City Doctor’s post-operative care at home service in Dubai offers comprehensive aid.

What are the Benefits of After Surgery Care At Home Service?

City Doctor’s post-operative care at home services in Dubai has improved patients’ health. The popularity of such services is increasing rapidly due to their benefits. Opt for our after surgery care, and get in touch with a massive team of doctors and nurses fully prepared and equipped for your best recovery.

  • Constant care and support
  • Recovery in the comfort of home
  • Continuous monitoring of patient’s improvement
  • Reduced chances of post-operative complications and risks
  • Help in daily activities

Why Choose City Doctor for After Surgery Care in Dubai

City Doctor’s post-operative care at home aims to make the recovery process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Patient satisfaction is our driving force.

Available 24x7

Our team is available at all times.

Immediate response

Call us and we will be at your doorstep in less than an hour.

Customised care

Not all patients need the same care. We understand that and are ready to draw a customised care plan for you.

Assured excellent service

We ensure correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Also, we obey all national and international medical standards strictly.


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After Surgery Care FAQs

Post-operative care services are designed to take care of patients post surgery. These services help with health care as well as daily life activities.

You will get all the necessary information on home recovery after surgery from your surgeon. For optimum care, opt for our post-operative home care service.

It is advisable to take help from your family members or from medical professionals after your surgery.

You will need wound care supplies like gauze, bandages, medical gloves, alcohol wipes, disinfectants and pain-relieving medications. A wheelchair or walker and bathroom supplies are also necessary.

It would be great if someone can stay with you after surgery. You can get help with medication as well as daily tasks. Also, your health can worsen and there may be some complications even if you have minor surgery. At times like that, you will need help in contacting your doctor and going to the hospital.

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