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Sexual Health Check-Up Package in Dubai

Our changing lifestyle and environmental factors can deteriorate our sexual health by increasing infertility and the chances of catching Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). For maintaining sexual well-being, regular sexual health check-ups are crucial. The top sexual health check-up packages in Dubai can aid in addressing STDs in the early stages to ensure timely treatment and fast recovery.  City Doctor provides the best sexual health check-up packages in Dubai. Our experienced doctors provide high quality, personalised and safe medical treatments. Call us anytime at 800 50 60 and we will reach you in less than an hour.

What Is Sexual Health Check-Up And What Does It Include?

Sexual health check-up packages help in understanding the status of sexual organs. It finds the presence of infectious pathogens and examines reproductive organs. Better sexual health starts with knowing the accurate health status and addressing the problems at the right time.

Our top-class sexual health check-up in Dubai is available at your doorstep. To diagnose and address sexual health issues, we have included an array of tests in our package. Check out this complete list of tests we offer.

  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes 1 and 
  • Herpes 2

Who Should Go For Sexual Health Check-Up?

People facing the common symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases should go for a sexual health check-up as soon as possible to avoid drastic consequences. However, some infections may not show any symptoms. So, you should go through sexual health checkups regularly if you are sexually active. 

The signs and symptoms associated with STDs are itchy genitals, headache, fever, strong vaginal smell, joint and muscular pain in the genital areas, dark urine, soreness, and weight loss.

The Benefits Of Getting Sexual Health Check-Up

Sexual health check-up packages in Dubai are improving sexual awareness and contributing to the cause of a healthier sexual life. Opting for such health check-ups at a regular interval omits the possibility of end-stage infections. You will receive several benefits when sexual health examination is carried out frequently.
  • Rules out the progression of STDs such as chlamydiosis, syphilis and HIV
  • Controls infertility and decreases associated symptoms by enabling early treatment 
  • Reduces stress related to disease emergence
  • Raises awareness about STIs and their consequences
  • Motivates lifestyle changes to avoid such infections

What To Do If You Find Something Wrong During Your Sexual Health Check-Up

Testing positive for a Sexually Transmitted Disease does not mean your fertility or sexual health will be completely hampered. Proper treatment plans and follow-ups may reduce the infection and restore your fertility. The infections are common and the medications are also plenty. Getting solutions to sexual problems is now simplified and less time taking. So, no need to worry.

If you are struggling to come to terms with your diagnosis or want a treatment plan, you can opt for our doctor on-call service. Our experienced team has several sexologists who will visit you in person at your home or chosen locality.

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Sexual Health Check-Up FAQs

Yes, there is a high chance of infection recurrence in the case of STDs like Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia. Hence, regular sexual health check-up is essential for people, especially those who have had a history of infection.

Regular sexual health check-up helps in detecting infections at their early stages. Besides, it inhibits the progression of such infections with due course of treatment.

STIs or STDs have signs like headache, nausea, vaginal discharge, smell, itchy genitals and rashes. But many people infected with STIs are asymptomatic. Hence, considering sexual health checkups is important. You can book one of our sexual health check-up packages.

The frequency of sexual health screening depends on the number of sexual partners you have. If you indulge in casual sex often, you should get such tests done regularly. You can also get such tests done when symptoms arise.

You can get the best sexual health check-up in Dubai with complete privacy at City Doctor. Call us and we will schedule an appointment right away at your home or anywhere else of your preference.

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