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Elderly/Senior Care at Home In Dubai

With time, older adults become more dependent on others. They require careful and uninterrupted attention, and this is where elderly care at home comes to help.

At City Doctor, seniors are our top priority. Our licensed doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have the training and experience to offer seniors the best medical and day-to-day assistance. They can also show the compassion and companionship older adults seek.

As the top senior care at home provider in Dubai, we are committed to taking care of your dear ones at all times. We are only less than an hour away from you. Feel free to call whenever needed.

Our Elderly Care at Home Service Includes

We have the expertise to offer the best care for older adults. Once you inform us about what your loved ones require, we can devise a specialised care plan for them.

Check out this complete list of our elderly care services.

  • Daily living support (bathing, feeding, dressing, etc.)
  • Monitoring of vital signs
  • Elderly care (Dementia and Alzheimer’s)
  • Wound and skin care
  • Bedsore prevention
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Medical records maintenance
  • Stabilisation and assistance in light exercises
  • Toileting and incontinence assistance
  • Engagement in physical and mental activities
  • Infection control
  • Diabetes management, assessment and care
  • Support for external medical appointments

What is Elderly Care at Home Service?

Due to health issues and age-related restrictions, older adults often can’t care for themselves. Especially seniors with chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and arthritis need help round the clock. The services of elderly care at home in Dubai are dedicated to all these seniors. 

Health management, diagnosis of health concerns, monitoring health and improvement, physiotherapy, medications, medical treatments, administering injections, wound and injury care, assistance for daily activities, and customised care for chronic conditions are all included in the senior care at home services.

What are the Benefits of Elderly Care at Home Service?

The key objective of elderly care at home service is to offer a quality life to seniors. We can provide all the assistance they need.

  • 24/7 personalised care
  • Comfort of home
  • One-on-one attention
  • Companionship and scope of socialisation
  • Extended independence
  • Help in transportation 
  • Peace of mind for the family

Why City Doctor for Elderly Care at Home Service in Dubai

With our quality senior care at home in Dubai, you need not worry about your close ones. We will provide the best possible care and assistance.

Always reachable

Our team of nurses and medical professionals are available wherever and whenever you need them.

Instant response

Get in touch with us and we will be at your place within 30 to 45 minutes.

Personalised care

Our team will provide top-notch, customised diagnoses and treatments.

High-quality service

We ensure excellent service by following all national and global medical standards stringently. Our diagnosis and medical care are evidence-based.


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Elderly Care FAQs

The costs for home care for the elderly can be of a wide range. Depending on the situation and requirements of the elderly, the price can be decided. Give us a call and we will guide you through.

Yes, you can get post-surgery care for elderly people. From wound care and medication administration to monitoring the improvement and taking to check-ups, we can assist elderly people throughout their recovery period.

Yes, our nurses are available 24/7. Diall 800 50 60 and book our elderly care at home service at your convenience.

Nurses will help your parents in all day-to-day activities including taking them on daily walks.

All medical practitioners in Dubai must obtain DHA certification to practise medicine. Our medical staff including all our nurses have the same.

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